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Taverna Caorlina

Typical Caorle Restaurant

Caorle, situated between Venice and Trieste, completed in the tourist offer by the splendid places of Porto S.Margherita and Duna Verde, is a well-know seaside resort in the North Adriatic sea. Here sea adn beach meet with the history, culture, fishing and charm of the lagoon. To visit Caorle is a pleasure not to miss: the golden beach, the old fishing port with its colors and the fish market with its ancient traditions such as the fish auction 'in recia' (to the ear), the 'calli' and the 'campielli' that remember Venice, the magic enchantment of the lagoon, loved bby E. Hemingway and mainly the delicious local dishes of the traditional gastronomo such as 'Moscardin', 'Broeto alla Caorlotta', 'Saor' and 'Pasta al nero di seppia': all dishes that the group of the 'ristorazione Tipica Caorlotta' intoduces and offers to visitors of this fascinatine town.



The new accommodations situated in the center of Caorle. Greeting and comfort for the perfect holiday in Caorle.



Please come to our spaciuos and welcoming restaurant to taste the typical specialities of Caorle cuisine. The Taverna Caorlina in found in front of the fishing port of Caorle in the entrance of the histotical centre.There is a big room in the inside with pizza service and a large space on the outside with many tables from witch the activity of the fisherman can be followed.


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